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Just go

My motto this year is “Just Go.”  I have a long bucket list of things I want to do and places I want to go and 2018 is the year I am making those dreams a reality. My goal is to accomplish the top 50 by the time I’m 50. My entire family will be on the adventure with me, living the dream everyday.

We always had this dream to travel, to RV across the USA, when we retired of course.  So the first and maybe the hardest part is deciding to go now and not wait until the kids are out school or until we have more money saved, or until I have more time to plan, or another excuse makes it easier to wait one more year.  The fact is, there is no more perfect time than NOW!

Well, not NOW, 150 days from now.  I am giving myself 5 months to figure out what I need to do to make this happen.  Being on Maui makes some of the tasks a little harder.

  1. Sign up for RV blogs and Facebook groups to ask for advice
  2. Find and purchase the right RV or 5th wheel
  3. Establish residency in an full time RV friendly state such as Florida, Texas or South Dakota. (drivers lic, banking)
  4. Set up mail forwarding with a professional company or family member
  5. Arrange for work on the road or set a budget if not working
  6. Decide where to go (we want to go to all of the national parks and all 50 states) and the best route.  Make reservations.
  7. Look up family, coordinate event schedules/seasons, and other things to do in each state (amusement parks, concerts, museums, changing of the leaves, Mardi Gras, conferences/shows)
  8. Locate doctors & dentists on the route that will take our insurance – just in case
  9. Register for home school for our high school daughter
  10. Downsize 20 years of belongings and a 3500 square foot house – sell just about everything
  11. Ship and store everything else that won’t fit in the RV
  12. Then just go

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